January 20-21 weekend




Preschool Lesson Plans

This month as we learn about prophets and kings who followed (or didn’t follow) God, we’re learning to follow our leader, Jesus!

Please note: we recommend using the kids-taught video series produced for January’s unit in lieu of live large group teaching.  If you prefer live storytelling, use the “Hear It” section of the story curriculum found here:

preschool large group Jan 20-21

Preschool Small Group Jan 20-21

Toddlers Jan 20-21

Preschool Unit Theme Song:

Grades 1-5 Lesson Plans

It’s a new unit feature Riverwood Kids’ own game show “Real or Fake?”  We’ll be taking a look at some real and fake facts, and an even closer look on real or fake Christians.  This week’s message: a Real Christian knows God’s power.

Grade 1-5 Small Group Jan 20-21 Storyteller Jan 20-21

Note: for this unit, the teaching video stands alone, so there is no tie-in/host script for Firehall/Warehouse/Saturday teaching times.

And save the date!  We can’t wait to get our teams together to PARTY! 


Winnipeg is hosting the Awesome KidMin conference March 2-3 for those of us who love Jesus and love kids and we want to see our team there!  We’ve pre-purchased 50 tickets for our team at the early bird rates and want to make sure you get to come!  Tickets are $55 regular price for the 2-day event (or $25 student rate) but we’re selling them for $20 that’s how big a deal this conference is to us!  (Plus, that includes all food including an Olive Garden-catered lunch.  YUM!)

Get your tickets here!

Riverwood Kids team Awesome Conference tickets

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