January 6-7 weekend



Happy new year!  I hope you had a wonderful (and restful) break and are excited to get back to things, as I am!

Once in a while the kids version of the Story is just awesome.  Reading chapter 14 in the adult version left my mind whirring with names and lists, but the kids version puts it pretty simply: King Asa was a good king who tried to follow God.  Got it!  So let’s take a look at Good King Asa.

Preschool Lesson Plans

This month as we learn about prophets and kings who followed (or didn’t follow) God, we’re learning to follow our leader, Jesus!

Preschool Small Group Jan 6-7

Toddlers Jan 6-7

Note: we have some special guest storytellers who will be telling the story via video this week!  There is no preschool big room script.

Preschool Unit Theme Song:

Grades 1-5 Lesson Plans

It’s a new unit feature Riverwood Kids’ own game show “Real or Fake?”  We’ll be taking a look at some real and fake facts, and an even closer look on real or fake Christians.  This week’s message: a Real Christian does what God says!

Keep an eye out for some special on-screen guest teachers you just might recognize!

Grade 1-5 Small Group Jan 6-7

Storyteller Jan 6-7

Note: for this unit, the teaching video stands alone, so there is no tie-in/host script for Firehall/Warehouse/Saturday teaching times.

And save the date!  We can’t wait to get our teams together to PARTY!  So save the date: Friday, February 3rd!


Winnipeg is hosting the Awesome KidMin conference March 2-3 for those of us who love Jesus and love kids and we want to see our team there!  We’ve pre-purchased 50 tickets for our team at the early bird rates and want to make sure you get to come!  Tickets are $55 regular price for the 2-day event (or $25 student rate) but we’re selling them for $20 that’s how big a deal this conference is to us!  (Plus, that includes all food including an Olive Garden-catered lunch.  YUM!)

Get your tickets here!

Riverwood Kids team Awesome Conference tickets

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