The Story kicks off – Parent edition

Hey parents!

It’s our first official week of THE STORY church-wide this weekend!

The Story

At home, it means reading chapter 1 of “The Story.”  Our family is going through “The Story for Kids,” (elementary ages) and we’re finding the chapters a little long for younger elementary ages.  We’re choosing to read 2-3 pages per night, and we’re loving the questions at the end of the chapter that help us ground what we’ve just read in our lives!

“The Story for Little Ones” (preschool ages) goes a bit faster, and one before-nap or bedtime story makes the Bible a meaningful part of your week.

If you didn’t get your copy, there’s more coming this weekend.

At church, it means we’re teaching out the story of creation, beginning with the toddlers, all the way up to the sermon for us adults. I love the momentum that happens when families are all learning together!

Faith Muscles

While we dig into “The Story” as a Biblical narrative, we also want to help kids grow their faith muscles in other ways. The Bible talks about exercises we can do to help grow our faith: reading and memorizing the Bible, prayer, joyfully giving of our money, serving others and sharing our faith. This year at Riverwood Kids we’re pulling out some incentives and rewards to help kids grow some of these faith muscles in concrete ways.


For grades 1-5, we’re having our “Ping Pong Party!”

Kids earn ping pong balls when they:

  • Bring a Bible from home (don’t have one? We love “Hands On Bible” and keep copies on hand. Just ask! We give them away, but if you are able to donate $20 towards it, that would be welcomed.)
  • Bring your offering
  • Bring a friend
  • Learn the memory verse

Each service will work together to fill up a bucket of ping pong balls.  Once the bucket is full, that service will get an ice cream sundae party the following week!

Ages 2 up to kindergarten have a different rewards system: the ever-famous sticker charts! Kids earn stickers by learning memory verses, being a helper in class and bringing offering. Once the sticker chart is full, they can earn a “Kid Buck” that will buy them a little prize from our treasure chests.

We hope these little gestures help make growing faith a little more fun at this stage of life!


Parents of babies… did you know?

Nursery is now open & running at all locations at Riverwood!  If you have a child under 2 years old, we invite you to take a peek!

It often takes a few weeks for everything to work itself out as we figure out how many nursery caregivers we need for each service, so don’t be discouraged if you’re finding the nursery full.  We keep waiting lists so when room opens up (often during the service) we can call you, and if not, we do our best to bring in more volunteers in future weeks so everyone who wants to be using the nursery is able to.

We love parents joining us, so you’re welcome to come in with your child if you want.  Both Factory & Warehouse have the sermon streaming into their nursery so parents who need to stay with their children can hear it there as well.

We’re also excited to try out a new toddler-specific lesson!  For those older children who are too young to join the preschool story time but are getting mobile & chatty, we’re test-driven a lesson plan just for them!  We’re excited to be teaching God’s word to the littlest ones of all!


Can’t wait to see your kids this weekend at Riverwood!


Kirsten Kroeker, Children’s Ministry Pastor

Riverwood Church Community

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