Welcome Back Riverwood Kids Team!


Welcome back from summer!  We’re excited to get back into things, especially as this year we’re joining Big Church in “The Story” journey through the Bible!  Here’s what the kids can expect this month:

September 9/10: Book Launch & movie 

  • As kids come back from their summer holidays, we’re watching a movie together about how the Bible is one big God story, and how we are part of it!  Small groups may be combined or work together this week as families start to make their way back for fall.
  • Adults are encouraged to pick up a copy of THE STORY (for adults) and copies of The Story for Kids (elementary) and The Story for Little Ones (preschool) will be available as well.  (Note to teachers: if you are already reading THE STORY (adult version) there is no need to also read the kids version: the kids books are condensed version of the adults!)

September 16/17: Fall Kickoff: We’re bringing in special guest Gospel entertainers at all sites!

September 23/24: The Story begins: starting with creation!

New Curriculum!

We’re using “The Story” curriculum this year, to join in with Big Church, and there’s one change worth noting:

There are fewer age distinctions in this lesson plan, but more options.  For both preschool and school age lesson plans, there are more small group activities than you can possibly use in a single service.  Rather than writing lessons for younger and older children in each age group, this curriculum gives you choices and you, as the small group leader or room leader, can choose which activities best suit your class.  There are some options that are obviously more directed at the older kids, and vice versa.  Do not feel the need to try to go through all the choices: pick one or two you think your kids can relate to and use those!

We’re also launching a toddler lesson plan: this is a flexible lesson that can be taken to kids while they play!

New Formats (for some services)

This year the Firehall is launching a school age small group, and Saturday school age kids will be joining in adult worship!  Both groups will be using the modifications made for Warehouse school age, who also start Riverwood Kids programming after coffee break.

Volunteer Training

This year each site/service will be hosting their own volunteer kick off to gather together for the start of the season, meet the team, discuss some new fall initiatives and have fun together!  Talk to your site director for a date and time.

Child Protection Training (mandatory for all volunteers) will be offered throughout the year.  You need to have taken the course ONCE in the past 2 years.  If you took it last year, you will receive a link for video refresher you can watch from home.  If you did not take it last year, training sessions are coming up:

Saturday, September 9 @ 7:00pm at The Factory (especially for teens)

Sunday training date POSTPONED (new date TBA)

Thursday, September 21 @ 7:00pm at The Factory

Please RSVP for these sessions, as they are certified by Plan to Protect and require a minimum number of attendees.

Minimum attendance is required

Child Protection Training


It’s going to be a great year!

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